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Since 1698 we have been governed by the ‘Syndics’ (originally known as the Curators), senior members of the University of Cambridge who, along with various co-optees, bring a range of subject and business expertise to the governance of Cambridge University Press & Assessment. Committees of the Syndicate meet regularly to look at publishing proposals and assessment procedures, ensuring that our content and exams meet rigorous standards, and to oversee our strategic and financial operations.

The Press & Assessment Syndicate consists of the Vice-Chancellor of our University or his/her deputy as Chair, a University Officer appointed by the Council and up to sixteen senior members of the University Senate. The powers of the Syndicate are set out in our governing document, Statute J of the University Statutes and the supporting Ordinances. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved changes to the Statue to recognise the operational merger of Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment in 2021.

The Press & Assessment Syndicate governs our activity and exercises oversight through the Press & Assessment Board and its various committees.

Members of the Press & Assessment Syndicate who served during the twelve months ended 31 July 2022 and up until the date of approval of these financial abstracts, unless otherwise stated, were as follows:

Professor Stephen Toope (Vice-Chancellor and Chair of Syndics to 1 October 2022)

Dr Anthony Freeling (Interim Vice-Chancellor and Chair of Syndics from 1 October 2022)

Mr David Parsons (Head of Legal Services: University Officer Syndic)

Sir David Bell (Senior Independent Director)

Dr Toke Aidt

Professor Kenneth Armstrong

Professor Amira Bennison (appointed 1 January 2022)

Professor Kasia Boddy

Professor Angela Breitenbach

Professor Cathie Clarke

Dr Jessica Gardner

Professor Emily Gowers

Professor Joan Lasenby

Mr Richard Partington

Professor Richard Prager

Mr Ian Pryce

Ms Radhika Radhakrishnan

Mr Jonathan Scott

Dr Sue Swaffield (resigned 31 December 2021)

Professor Sarah Worthington

The Press & Assessment Board is concerned with overall governance and meets 18 times a year. The Press & Assessment Board discharges its responsibility for oversight of the organisation both directly and through 11 sub-committees:

  • The Audit Committee provides assurance as to the integrity of our reporting processes and systems of financial governance, control and risk management.

  • The Remuneration Committee is responsible for setting the remuneration of the Chief Executive and the most senior executives of Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

  • The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying and recommending the appointment of non-executive members of the Press & Assessment Board.

  • The Technology Committee’s purpose is to provide a deep level of scrutiny, on behalf of the Press & Assessment Board, over investment proposals that involve technology and to monitor progress in their implementation.

  • The Academic Publishing Committee provides quality assurance and formal approval of all the Academic books and journals we publish, and meeting eighteen times a year for this purpose.

  • The Academic Advisory Board ensures that sufficient input, oversight and guidance is committed to the direction of Academic publishing within the organisation, feeding in advice and analysis to make the Press & Assessment Board aware of all necessary issues.

  • The Online Education Committee approves any courses for inclusion in Cambridge Advance Online based on market research, assessment by our editorial team including peer review, and consideration of the pedagogical approach and assessment against an agreed quality framework.

  • The English Language Teaching & Education Publishing Committee approves the publishing programmes of the English and Education businesses, and provides guidance and oversight of integrated learning and assessment.

  • The Regulatory Compliance Committee advises the Board in the latter’s capacity as the Governing Body for the purposes of approving annual statements of compliance in respect of the regulated activities of our exam boards.

  • The Standards Committee ensures that arrangements for assessment standards are fit for purpose.

  • The Press & Assessment Chairman’s Committee is a sub- group of the Press & Assessment Board which meets with delegated authority from the Board to approve certain large- scale investments where time is of the essence.

Our executive board

Responsibility for our day-to-day management is delegated by the Syndicate to our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board, which includes our Chief Financial Officer.

Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips

Chief Executive

photo portrait of Dave Bulman

Dave Bulman

Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Chandler

Andrew Chandler

Chief Financial Officer

photo portrait of Jill Duffy

Jill Duffy

Group Managing Director, UK Education

photo portrait of Mandy Hill

Mandy Hill

Managing Director, Academic

Mark Maddocks

Mark Maddocks

Chief Information Officer

photo portrait of Tim Oates, CBE

Tim Oates, CBE

Group Director, Assessment Research and Development

Christine Özden

Christine Özden

Global Director, Climate Education

Arun Rajamani

Arun Rajamani

Managing Director, South Asia

photo portrait of Janet Scotcher

Janet Scotcher

Chief People Officer

photo portrait of Catie Sherat

Catie Sheret

General Counsel

photo portrait of Rod Smithh

Rod Smith

Group Managing Director, International Education

Fran Woodward

Fran Woodward

Global Managing Director, English