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Award winners: top class scholarly works of 2022

It has been another outstanding year for our publishing, with Cambridge books and authors winning awards and plaudits.

award winners

A remarkable 46 of our books have just been named as Outstanding Academic Titles in the Choice Awards, the American Library Association’s (ALA) prestigious annual list.

It is one of the most impressive showings for Cambridge titles on the list, which is selected from the thousands reviewed by the ALA’s Choice magazine during the previous 12 months.

Outstanding Academic Titles are chosen for their excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, their originality and value as an essential treatment of their subject, and significance in building undergraduate collections.

Each year, Cambridge University Press & Assessment is proud to receive a range of awards and prizes in the worlds of academia and educational publishing. In recent weeks, many Cambridge titles have featured in Books of the Year lists produced by media including the Financial Times, Telegraph, Times Literary Supplement, Wall Street Journal and BBC History Magazine, while several others were recently recognised by the British Medical Association (BMA) and by the American Historical Association awards.

There was recognition too for bestselling Cambridge author, Penny Ur OBE in November, when she won the Outstanding Achievement award at this year’s ELTons, the British Council awards that celebrate those who have found new and innovative ways of helping English language learners and teachers around the world.

Penny Ur pictured in the University Printing House, Cambridge
Penny Ur at the University Printing House, Cambridge 

Penny received the award for her unique contribution to the field, in a career that has spanned five decades.

Karen Momber, Senior Professional Learning & Development Consultant at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, said: “Penny is highly regarded throughout the whole English language teaching sector and she thoroughly deserves the award.

"She has only ever published with Cambridge and we’ve been working with her since the early 1980s.This makes her a big part of the Cambridge family and her ground-breaking books have had a huge impact on teachers and learners all over the world.”







The full list of Cambridge books on the ALA’s Choice list of outstanding academic titles:

  • A History of African American autobiography
  • A History of American literature and culture of the First World War
  • A History of Chilean literature
  • A History of world Egyptology
  • A tattoo on my brain: a neurologist’s personal battle against Alzheimer’s disease
  • An urban history of China
  • Asian American literature in transition
  • Bionanotechnology: concepts and applications
  • Chairman Mao’s children: generation and the politics of memory in China
  • Consumer genetic technologies: ethical and legal considerations
  • Cuban privilege: the making of immigrant inequality in America
  • Drought, flood, fire: how climate change contributes to catastrophes
  • Dyslexia in higher education: anxiety and coping skills
  • Economics for a fragile planet: rethinking markets, institutions and governance
  • Effective governance under anarchy: institutions, legitimacy, and social trust in areas of limited statehood
  • Extinctions: living and dying in the margin of error
  • Flooding and management of large fluvial lowlands: a global environ
  • Frederick Douglass in context
  • Fuelling Mexico: energy and environment, 1850–1950
  • Gender and Christian ethics
  • Healing knowledge in Atlantic Africa: medical encounters, 1500–1850
  • Ibsen in context
  • Imperial science: cable telegraphy and electrical physics in the Victorian British empire
  • Kant’s critique of taste: the feeling of life
  • Knowing women: same-sex intimacy, gender, and identity in postcolonial Ghana
  • Lactation at work: expressed milk, expressing beliefs, and the expressive value of law
  • Leading with values: strategies for making ethical decisions in business and life
  • Modernity in black and white: art and image, race and identity in Brazil, 1890–1945
  • Much like us: what science reveals about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of animals
  • Mussolini’s theatre: Fascist experiments in art and politics
  • Nobel life: conversations with 24 Nobel laureates on their life stories, advice for future generations and what remains to be discovered
  • Nomads in the Middle East
  • On the offensive: prejudice in language past and present
  • Only in Africa: the ecology of human evolution
  • Our plastic problem and how to solve it
  • Radioecology: sources and consequences of ionising radiation in the environment
  • Reflections from pioneering women in psychology
  • Revolutionary world: global upheaval in the modern age
  • Shakespeare in print: a history and chronology of Shakespeare publishing
  • Shari’a, inshallah: finding god in Somali legal politics
  • State and family in China: filial piety and its modern reform
  • Succession to the throne in early modern Russia: the transfer of power 1450–1725
  • The Cambridge companion to early American literature
  • The Cambridge companion to Sappho
  • The Cambridge Greek lexicon
  • The Cambridge handbook of animal cognition


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