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Teacher training 

Developing the best in teaching to optimise classroom time

Once you have made your decisions about curriculum, assessment and publishing, we can work with you to train and prepare your teachers to deliver your new scheme, so it has the best impact in the classroom. 

A vast amount of educational research shows that the quality of the individual teacher is one of the most significant factors that influences how much progress students make in school. We have a long history of training and developing teachers through courses, qualifications and support, all over the world, so that they fully understand, and can implement, your curriculum successfully and make the best use of every resource available to them in the classroom.

We also work closely with teachers, administrators and senior management teams to develop training programmes that build other professional and personal development skills, all of which lead to better learning and better outcomes for students. We do this by identifying what currently works well, and then we build on these existing skills.

Our custom-designed training programmes focus on improving standards of teaching and learning, through popular topics such as:

  • making the most effective use of teaching and learning materials
  • developing an active learning approach in the classroom
  • including STEM subject learning across the curriculum
  • teaching in multilingual classrooms
  • addressing and supporting special educational needs 

We also cover skills such as planning, assessment, how to give high-quality feedback, best use of language and talking, and digital technology skills. Our teacher training portfolio includes: 

  • enhancing teachers’ language skills
  • practical teaching skills and digital skills 
  • assessment literacy
  • monitoring and evaluation to measure impact
  • benchmarking teacher language levels 
  • benchmarking teaching knowledge
  • reviewing current teacher development policy and practice
  • training teachers on how to use curricula
  • digital consulting on teacher development
  • building teacher training capacity
  • teacher development impact studies
  • Cambridge English teaching qualifications and courses
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