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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

January 26th 2021 0

Climate and American Literature

As I scripted the outline for this collection, the United States held the questionable honor of being the only country in the world to have withdrawn from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, to date the most ambitious international effort to mitigate climat…

January 26th 2021

Walden and Environmental Justice

Thoreau’s Religion is a book about Henry David Thoreau and environmental justice. But Stanley Cavell put the question well when he asked, in the preface to The Senses of Walden (Viking Press, 1972), “What hope is there in a book about a book?&…

January 25th 2021

Neoliberalism in the Guise of Humanism and Democracy

This book is part of a critical educational psychology commitment to engage in ideological, cultural, political, and philosophical discussions about the application of psychology in and outside of schools. The motivation to write the book Neoliberal Selfh…

January 22nd 2021

A Poem from Romanticism: Friedrich Schiller’s Nänia

Friedrich Schiller’s little poem is one of the greatest works of German Classicism, the revival of Greek thought and literary forms centered in the Weimar that Goethe and Schiller made famous, but its theme of the death of beauty is no less Romantic…

January 21st 2021

Disability as diversity

In the last thirty years, the field of disability studies has fully emerged, bringing a new vocabulary for understanding disability, that grew out of, and continues to grow with, the disability rights movements and people’s experiences of disability…

January 19th 2021

The Economic Slump of Covid-19 in Historical Perspective

The world economy is experiencing, because of the Covid-crisis and the associated lockdowns, its worst slump in peacetime since the great depression of the 1930s. A look at the main economic dislocations of the 100 years shows the disruptive effects of Wo…

January 18th 2021

A chess game

Emili is an amateur chess player. Occasionally, he plays chess in international opens, which for diverse reasons are enticing for both local non-professional club players and professional players from around the world. On 2000 June 16th, Emili played a ch…

January 15th 2021

Why I Edited Romanticism: 100 Poems

As an undergraduate in 1964 I took a seminar in the English Romantics (the six male poets then considered canonical) and was imprinted like a chick by the first poet we read, William Blake.  I couldn’t get enough of Blake, who was fascinatingly…

January 14th 2021

The Importance of Local Content Policies in Post-COVID-19 Recovery in Global Energy Markets

The year 2020 will long be remembered as a year in which global energy markets witnessed significant upheavals due to the effects of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Oil prices fell dramatically, commodities such as metals witnessed sign…

January 14th 2021

Islam in a Zongo: Muslim Lifeworlds in Ghana

Islam has been present in Ghana at least since the 14th century and today, there are more than three million Muslims living in the country. My book, Islam in a Zongo, is an in-depth investigation into the recent history and current presence of Islam in so…

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January 25th 2021 0

New fossilized burrow indicates Cretaceous underwater insects utilized similar feeding methods as modern insects

Mayflies, present in many modern freshwater streams, are often known by their mass hatches in which large numbers gain wings and fly in the air for as little as one day to procreate before dying.…

January 25th 2021 0

Study reveals a wide and diverse cephalopod fauna in the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem

An extensive review of cephalopod fauna from the Northwest African Atlantic coast was performed by researchers from the University of Vigo (Spain) and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO).…

January 25th 2021 0

Keeping up with ‘Collector’: Further notes on mobile GIS data collection

New digital technologies have been a boon to archaeological field recording as attested by the growing literature on the use of mobile devices, GIS, satellite imagery, and other digital tools.…

January 25th 2021 0

How do we work with the University of Cambridge? Publishing Ethics & Research Integrity

We speak to Jen Wright, Research Services Manager at Cambridge Univeristy Press, and Rhys Morgan Head of Research Policy, Governance and Integrity at the University of Cambridge, about Publishing Ethics and Research Integrity across our oganisations.&hell…

January 25th 2021 0

Rix’s Expert Psychiatric Evidence

This week at London’s Central Criminal Court, or the Old Bailey as it is known, I was asked by another expert why the judges all wear black robes instead of the colourful dress of other circuit judges and why they are addressed as ‘My Lord&rsq…

January 21st 2021 0

Preventing harm related to CBT supervision

The January 2021 British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) Article of the Month is from the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and is entitled “Preventing harm related to CBT supervision: a theoretical review and…

January 19th 2021 0

Housing Justice in pandemic times

While the pandemic’s effects on health, livelihoods and economy is dominating the public debate, its effect on housing has not gained much visibility.…

January 18th 2021 0

Building your own virtual dinosaur

Extinct dinosaurs are popular subjects in many CGI-animated movies, documentaries and TV shows, but how they are portrayed as living, breathing animals often depends on a lot of guesswork.…

January 15th 2021 0

Ship Mounds Matter: The Viking Ship Mounds of Norway

As each generation of researchers deconstruct and unpack their own preconceptions of the world around them, it reveals new shortcomings in our understanding of the past.…

January 15th 2021 0

Eight months in Fiji: how Heather’s Covid year changed her life

No one will forget last year, the “Covid year”. Most people worked – are in fact still working – from home, and many have found ingenious workarounds to enable them to carry on almost as normal.…

January 14th 2021 0

Revisiting retrenchment: Tracing the decision to withdraw from East of Suez

Why did the United Kingdom withdraw from its large military bases in the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia during the Cold War?…

January 13th 2021 0

Human Rights Defenders Versus Big Corporations: A Promising Field of Inquiry

Environmental activist and indigenous leader Berta Cáceres – who in 2015 was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize – was assassinated in Honduras one year later, in 2016, for leading a protest against a hydroelectric power dam.&h…

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