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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

July 27th 2021 0

Scottish Women’s Writing in the Long Nineteenth Century

When people learn that I’ve been working on a book on nineteenth-century Scottish women writers, they frequently ask ‘were there any’? This is an understandable question. In fact, it’s the question that motivated me to write Scotti…

July 27th 2021

Understanding DNA Ancestry

Millions of consumers throughout the world have placed their saliva in a vial, which they send to one of the dozens of DNA ancestry companies offering to provide them with a breakdown of the regions of the world where their ancestors lived. How these com…

July 22nd 2021

Pandemic in Thought and Action

On February 29th 2020, I submitted my manuscript “Beings of Thought and Action” to CUP for review. While I did register news of cases of COVID-19 in Europe, little did I know what that would mean for the future. In July 2021, “Beings Of …

July 22nd 2021

Planetary Health: Safeguarding Human Health and the Environment in the Anthropocene

Humanity has made major, albeit inequitable, progress in health and development in recent history but this has come at a cost to the natural systems that underpin human progress. We live in an epoch when human activities are driving multiple environmental…

July 21st 2021

The Republican War on Cities

Voting laws recently passed or awaiting passage in Republican-controlled state legislatures along with the outrageous vote “audit” ongoing in Arizona have been widely covered in the press through a focus on the racial animus that underlies the…

July 19th 2021

Brainy Girls, in Shakespeare’s Time and Ours

When Netflix released its limited series “The Queen’s Gambit” last year, who would have predicted that a show about a girl chess prodigy would reach the # 1 spot in 63 countries? The international success of the series (based on the 1983…

July 16th 2021

The Robot Century

Robots have been part of human culture for a hundred years. How can we ensure that they support — rather than supplant — humans over the next hundred? The word ‘robot’ entered the modern lexicon a hundred years ago this year with t…

July 15th 2021

Situating the Natural Sciences in Early Modern Morocco

During the socially and politically turbulent seventeenth century, Moroccan scholars studied the natural and mathematical sciences throughout a network of rural and urban institutions of learning that were closely associated with Sufi orders, the Maliki s…

July 13th 2021

The Coal that Would Save the Trees

Fossil energy protected forests while allowing for increased economic activity. In today’s parlance, coal and oil were good for the environment. This conviction (counterintuitive from the perspective of our time) appears frequently in Mexico’s…

July 12th 2021

Landscape in Middle English Romance

In a time when heat domes, wildfires, and floods regularly author human and nonhuman tragedy, the nature and magnitude of human-driven climate change understandably dominates media headlines, bestseller lists, and streaming-service titles alike. Ecologica…

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July 28th 2021 0

Medieval School-Sanctioned Social Cohesion: Nerds, Cool Kids, and “Being Sound”

In an attempt to create social cohesion, medieval European schoolmasters harnessed “youthful rebelliousness” during annual rituals so that a “modicum of order could be maintained.

July 28th 2021 0

Interwar Diplomacy between Soviet Russia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan

Diplomatic historians have long pointed out that the early months of 1921 featured the culmination of a campaign of Soviet revolutionary diplomacy in which Moscow established diplomatic relations with newly reinstated governments in Ankara, Tehran and Kab…

July 27th 2021 0

Meet the Learning Design team: Emily Tannert Patterson

My name is Emily Tannert Patterson and I have been an Associate Learning Designer at Cambridge University Press since February 2020.…

July 27th 2021 0

Meet the Learning Design team: Laura Heggs

My name is Laura Heggs. Before I became a learning designer, I studied anthropology and primate behaviour. I’ve held the ‘learning designer’ job title for 3 years now, but have been working in higher education in various capacities since…

July 27th 2021 0

The key to the evolution of morality was in Robert Frank’s book “Passions Within Reason” all along. How did we miss that?

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of papers with the same introduction. Human cooperation. Enduring conundrum. Selection. Model. Prisoners’ dilemma.…

July 26th 2021 0

A Q&A with the course leader of Bionanotechnology From Theory to Practice

What are your current research interests?Artificial enzyme design to improve sustainability of useful chemical reactions: taking cues from natural catalysts to design light triggered systems using nanostructures and parts of natural enzymes.…

July 26th 2021 0

New and Creative Models of Academic Publication Scholars Should Know About, Part 1

Earlier this year, Avi Staiman, CEO of Academic Language Experts, interviewed Chris Harrison, Publishing Development Director of Humanities and Social Sciences at Cambridge University Press on new and creative models of academic publications that scholars…

July 22nd 2021 0

10 Study break ideas for when you hit a wall

Professionals today are busier than ever. We are constantly looking for ways to manage our current commitments – at work and in our personal lives, whilst searching for new opportunities to develop ourselves for the future.

July 22nd 2021 0

Face to face vs Online Learning

Imagine you are visiting a new city. You have two choices: you can hire a guide that will navigate the city for you, showing you the city or you can navigate the city on your own with a guide book. If you hire a guide, you are relying on the guide to crea…

July 22nd 2021 0

A Q&A with the course leaders of Product Technology Roadmapping: Part 2

Q7: Why do you think this is an important area? A7: The challenges we face in the 21st century are becoming more challenging due to increasing complexity and rate of change.…

July 22nd 2021 0

A Q&A with the course leaders of Product Technology Roadmapping: Part 1

Q1: What are your current research interests? A1 (Rob): I am interested in the development of scalable integrated toolkits for strategic technology and innovation management, building on roadmapping as a platform and knowledge hub.…

July 22nd 2021 0

‘Sustainable development’ kills globally threatened birds in Africa and Middle East

Poorly designed infrastructure development causes mortality of globally threatened birds along their migratory flyways – potentially causing population declines on breeding grounds in Europe and Asia

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