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In the Media 

EDITORIAL. July 2020

Including Interview with Luke Barnes and Geraint Lewis 


Troy Farah - Supercluster   

"A new book outlines how to upend the most dominant theory in cosmology. Good luck actually doing it...

"Of course, cosmic theories are based on mountains of data, not whimsical guesses. Yet, how do scientists really know a supermassive black hole is at the center of the Milky Way? How do scientists know distant nebulae are (sometimes) made of hydrogen clouds? How do scientists know 14 billion years ago there was a massive explosion of matter and energy that formed everything in our universe?"

-Troy Farah

RADIO - ABC. July 2020

Geraint Lewis: Guest. 

The Science Show with Robyn Williams 

"Robyn Williams: Why isn't the sky ablaze because there are so many stars and so much light, it should be on all the time.

"Geraint Lewis: That's right, and so if you have a universe that has existed forever and you have a universe filled with stars, well then you better be able to explain why the night sky is dark and not as bright as the surface of a star..."

BLOG POST June 2020

Greg Laden's Blog 

Overthrowing The Big Bang Thery

 " will find new ways to think about all that old stuff. If you really do have  a new theory of everything, this book will give you some useful advice on how to buy your ticket into the physics game. Like, that you have to make sure your theory of everything works in a way that does not result in the night sky being as bright as the day sky, or makes light do something it does not do, and so on. Also, do not use many different TYPE FACES AND all caps in your write-up.."

Greg Laden


Forbes: Editors' Pick

Is It Time to Dethrone The Big Bang Theory?

"The authors do their best to stress that science isn’t perfect and that the Big Bang theory’s journey from crackpot idea to accepted science has been long and messy, and isn’t over yet—no idea scientific is ever proved to be true beyond any doubt. That’s largely because some people make a massive mistake about where science comes from. “We find that science is either idealised into a perfect knowledge-generating machine run by robots, or denigrated as a greedy power grab by self-appointed ‘experts’ whose job is to confuse us with big words and mathematics,” says Lewis."

Jamie Carter 

PODCAST. May 2020

Geraint Lewis: featured guest. 

Shirtloads of Science: The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook (184)

"Dr Karl & Prof G. Lewis discuss the gaps and guesses that string together our understanding of the Cosmos. So what happens if we find a mistake in one of Einstein's predictions? It's one of the discussion points in Geraint Lewis' latest book written with Luke Barnes."

LISTICLE April 2020

The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook: featured title 

5 Cosmology Books to Make Your World Feel a Little Bigger

Farhenheit: PopScienceBookClub   

"If you’re stuck at home, what you need is some reading material that will make your world feel a little bigger. Even if there’s no room to stretch your legs, there’s always room to expand your mind. Let’s take a dive into cosmology, a branch of astronomy reserved for the most curious and imaginitive of wonderers..." 

-Nelson Noven

Video: Interview with Geraint Lewis 

Latest Reviews

Evolution News - May 2020

"Handbook is a modest 278 pages in length. It has several helpful black-and-white images, drawings, and illustrations. There are only a few simple equations. Anyone with a high school education will understand the main points...

"Barnes and Lewis succinctly explain the title of their new book in the first line. They say, 'We want to teach you how to overthrow a scientific theory.' In other words, they’ve written a handbook for people who don’t agree with the current consensus cosmology and want to overthrow it. In truth, anyone interested in cosmology, skeptic or not, will get much from their book...

"They warn potential revolutionaries that “your glorious 400-page unsolicited Word document, with seven different fonts, Microsoft Paint diagrams, and ALL CAPS, is headed straight for the trash.” You really do need to go through the tedious process of submitting to a scientific journal and multiple rounds of review and revision before cosmologists will pay any attention to you...

"Overall, I would recommend Handbook for anyone who would like to learn about modern cosmology and who is open to learning why cosmologists are so convinced the evidence supports the big bang theory."

Review: Guillermo Gonzalez read the full review

The Space Review - May 2020

The book, though, is really a discussion of why the Big Bang is—for now, at least—the best explanation for the universe’s origin and evolution. They explain how the Big Bang explains the phenomena of the universe, from the cosmic microwave background to the increase in redshift of objects as a function of distance, better than any other alternative we currently have. Over the course of about 250 pages, they offer a concise primer about cosmology and the Big Bang.

They acknowledge, though, that the Big Bang is not a perfect explanation. There are unsolved issues, ranging from the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy to the preponderance of matter over antimatter, that the Big Bang does not yet fully explain. That could, Barnes and Lewis write, open the door to an alternative model some day, provided it can explain the universe just as well as the Big Bang while addressing those complications.

“Always remember, at its heart, science invites one-upmanship,” they write at the end of the book. “Just pointing out problems and missing pieces of the big bang model is not enough. It has to be a truly scientific model, grounded in the language of mathematics, and open to all to scrutinize.” They’re willing to embrace a new model if it works better than the Big Bang. But, please, just lay off the Comic Sans.

Jeff Foust, Read the full review 

More Reviews 

Can You Beat the Big Bang?

Quick Fire Questions with Geraint Lewis

How can we be sure that the universe began in a Big Bang?

How do we know that Hoyle's "steady state" universe is wrong?

What are some of the problems with the big bang theory?

What's the minimum that a new theory of the universe needs to explain?

Find More Quick Fire Questions with Geraint Lewis at our Vimeo Showcase



'Overthrowing all of modern cosmology isn't easy, but it could happen. Maybe you will be the one to do it! If you're up for the challenge, Luke A. Barnes and Geraint F. Lewis tell you exactly what you have to accomplish. Even if you don't topple the stodgy edifice of modern science, you'll certainly learn some exciting things about the universe along the way.'

Sean Carroll, author of Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime


'If you are looking for a fun rendezvous with the universe, this is the book for you! Barnes and Lewis help you understand the basics of cosmology with simplicity and clarity - quite a feat given the complexity of our universe.'

Priyamvada Natarajan, author of Mapping the Heavens: The Radical Scientific Ideas that Reveal the Cosmos


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