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Supporting ministries of education during the COVID-19 pandemic

At Cambridge, we are committed to supporting education ministries, teachers and students around the world to ensure effective teaching and learning can continue at this time of school closures. Our priority is to help position education systems to better deal with such challenges in the future and to establish robust, coherent and contextualised solutions to address education needs in the short-term.

Combining our expertise, education data and research from across the University of Cambridge, our goal is to work in partnership with you. By collectively engaging in dialogue, we aim to share insight into issues of equity, technology access or connectivity, schools’ lack of resources, and the need to scale up online teacher professional development provision. Working together, we can develop long-term resilient and inclusive education systems. 

Support for students and teachers

Maths resources

NRICH is a bank of online mathematical games and activities ideal for learners aged 3-19 to work on independently and for teachers to use when teaching remotely. 

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Cambridge HOTmaths is a comprehensive mathematics learning system – an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource for students and teachers, for individuals or whole classes, for school and at home. Developed by a dedicated group of educators, technicians and designers, this high-quality maths resource will support your learners to continue developing core maths skills. We are offering free 90 day trial to classes or for individual learner, email us for registration: [email protected].


English resources

We have developed a range of free online activities to help teenagers and adults practise their English. Students are able to choose the skill they want to practise and the level that is right for them. Created as short video clips that are easy to access and share, the activities will help develop students’ grammar, reading and writing skills for the English language. 

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Our Exam Booster series has also been digitised and made freely available. The four titles cover different levels of ability and offer candidates around the world lots of facts and tips to practise English. This generic resource is suitable for self-study and will enable your learners to practise English at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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Teaching English Online

At the heart of our approach is a focus on the professional skills of teachers. We understand how important it is to help teachers transition from traditional classroom interactions to an online environment. Our free online four-week course will give your teachers the skills, knowledge and digital tools they need to teach in an online environment. 

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Other resources

Our teams have developed a range of text, audios, videos and webinars focusing on different aspects of online teaching and learning. Click on below links to access. 

The World of Better Learning blog

Tools to support remote teaching and learning


Support for ministries


What if this is the new normal? We are working with a group of industry experts to create a series of engaging webinars aimed at preparing the education sector to emerge, at the end of this crisis, in a strong and credible position to progress provision of education for all. Our first webinar will aim to discuss topics that include but are not limited to: 

  • What does research tell us about effective distance learning? What do we know about what works, and what can we do to make sure students are making progress?
  • School is where we learn – not just subjects, but behaviours and socio-emotional skills. What happens when a home becomes the learning environment? How can we support parents who now find themselves taking the role of a teacher? What can we do to make sure that young people come through this period of unprecedented uncertainty with skills they need?
  • What are the unanticipated or surprising factors for teachers who find themselves on the front line of a digital revolution?
  • What measures are needed in the short and long term to ensure education continuity?

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Share with us your local successes, challenges and lessons learned following COVID-19, to help create future discussion topics for the series by emailing [email protected].

Teaching in a time of crisis – being resilient, adaptive and resourceful

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Our mission is to transform societies through education. We are committed to working with governments and organisations around the world to help understand if the truth we hold about our education is still relevant and how together, we can strengthen and develop resilient education systems. Our team of specialists in Cambridge work closely with education ministries worldwide and is available to discuss with you.

Email us: [email protected]

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