Annual Report 2022

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Annual Report 2022

for the year ended 31 July 2022

In focus

South Asia

Before joining Cambridge University Press & Assessment in February 2021 as our first Managing Director for South Asia, Arun Rajamani worked in the education and technology sector. He took on the task of bringing together Assessment and the Press in South Asia, acting as a model for closer working across the rest of our organisation.

Shaping quality education for all

Cambridge Partnership for Education works side-by-side with governments, international development organisations and other partners to improve the quality of education systems. This can be anything across the education spectrum – from reforming national STEM assessments to virtual teacher training.

Natural history in the making

In April 2022 our UK awarding body, OCR, celebrated the announcement that a new GCSE in Natural History can be taught to 14 to 16-year-olds from 2025.

Cambridge professional education online

Galvanised during global lockdowns caused by the Covid pandemic, we used our expertise and resources to help the University move its teaching online with an initially planned portfolio of 50 short, cross-disciplinary courses.

Awards and prizes

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